Hidden Curriculum (1): Things I’ve Learned/Experienced So Far


I’ve been thinking about writing this post for a while.  It’s been so much fun teaching and working with students, and through these experiences, I’ve learned a great deal.  Some are from my classes and the readings that I’ve been engaging in, but also just the experiences I’ve had in the classroom.  I want to highlight a few because I think its interesting.

  1. Input vs Output
    One of the key lessons I’ve learned right away has been about what I input, and when I have time to output.  Or in other words, watch what I eat/drink, so I can make sure I can hold it in or have appropriate time for bathroom breaks.  My daily diet for the school usually consists of a thermos of coffee, an apple and maybe a granola bar if I’m really ravenous.  Lunch consists of a sandwich and water from my water bottle.  Unfortunately, I’ve been trying to get used to not drinking as much liquids, so that I don’t have to use the restroom at inopportune times during the day.  This has led to careful planning and a stricter control of my input, such that my output is well managed.
  2. Photocopies
    Now, I tend to consider myself quite adept at technology which means photocopying shouldn’t be something hard or even an issue.  Yet, last week, I struggled to scan and photocopy readings and even had to “recycle” a large bunch of paper.  I felt so bad and I realize how much of a waste of time it is if you mess up.  Seriously, just screwing up the photocopies can really affect classwork which means it’s very important to get it right the first time.  I PROMISE TO DO BETTER!!

Some more updates!  I haven’t really talked about my faith life recently, and I wanted to share about it!  So I found this really great church called Highrock Arlington courtesy of my friend Laura, and I’ve gone for the last three weeks and have really enjoyed it.  Besides the Sunday services, I’m also a part of their flag football team playing offensive and defensive line.  I’ve always been told that I should try out football, so when I had the opportunity, I decided to take it.  Flag football is hard, but it’s really fun.  Getting to know the other guys and also just having an outlet is really nice.  As part of the O/D-Line, I have to do a lot of hitting and stopping people which results in me getting quite a few bruises every week.  Luckily, they’re usually hidden under my clothes so I don’t walk into class on Monday with my students deeply concerned with my well-being.  The other thing I’ve become involved in is InterVarsity at Tufts.  So far, I’ve been a participant, but I’m moving on to help start a small group for them and I’m really excited for it.  Tufts IV is an undergraduate ministry and I felt that as someone who has done it for four years, and has a decent amount of experience, I should continue to help serve and give back as I did at Oxy.  Please pray for me as I embark on this, and I look forward to sharing more about how that is going in the future.  Other than that, it’s been really awesome here in Boston and I am so glad that I made the decision to come here!  Final note, last Saturday, I had a blast seeing some old friends from TAS at the Boston Alumni reunion.  I’m excited to hangout with them more in the future.



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