About This!


If you’ve made it here on your own accord, welcome!  If you’ve made it here because I posted on social media about this, then also welcome!  My name is Nicholas (Nick) Yeh, and this blog is a brand new part of me that I want out there in the inter-webs.  This blog is specifically going to be geared towards my life, traveling, and my next chapter in life: my entry into teaching.

I specify this blog because I also have another one!  If you haven’t heard about it, it’s called: The Critic Says.  Yes, I know it’s a very pretentious sounding name, because it is.  I created that blog when I was in seventh grade, and I still use it to write critiques and reviews to this day (you can find my older writings still on there).

My goal for this blog is to try something new and consistently blog about the cool things that are going on in my life.  Whether it’s a new experience, new places, or even just a new appreciation, I want to be able to share it.  I also want to share my time as I begin to become a teacher.  I’ve known I’ve wanted to be one since middle school and I have so many people that I have to thank for supporting me in this journey.  Let this be part of your legacy!

As I conclude this page, let me finish by briefly introducing myself as well!  I am a 25 year old Chinese Christian male who has spent most of his life living in various parts of East Asia including Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan.  I identify as a Third-Culture Kid, not only because of my experiences in those various countries, but also because I went to an Taipei American School (a private international school) in Taiwan as well as having been in the US and Canada for extended periods of time due to school holidays.  I went to school at Occidental College in Los Angeles graduating in May of 2017 with a Bachelors degree in Diplomacy & World Affairs (International Relations) and Theater.  In the summer of 2018, I finished my graduate program at Tufts University where I attained my Master of Arts in Teaching Degree in Social Studies.  I spent my student teaching practicum component at Cambridge Rindge & Latin School in Cambridge, MA where I taught AP World History as well as Honors 9th Grade World History.  In that first year, I also found myself connecting with the Tufts University InterVarsity chapter and somehow ended up volunteering.  There have been alot of ups and downs with my time in ministry and would warrant its own post one day.  These days, I’m still working as an educator in Cambridge Public Schools, currently working in an elementary school.

I hope this blog can be a fun extension of my life and I hope people will like it as well!  I look forward to your views, comments, questions and more.