Cookbook Idea

It’s funny, but I haven’t written on here in a while and yet I still pay for the wonderful domain name.  However, with COVID-19 keeping everyone at home, or in my case, at work doing nothing, I’ve decided to try and write a bit more.  One project that I’m hoping will motivate me for a while is to start compiling recipes for a cookbook.  I’ve always loved food and only recently started to document my cooking via social media.  As my peers have requested formal recipe write ups, I’ve given bits and pieces of advice here and there.

This is my chance to try and formally compile some of my cooking escapades and hopefully have others test them out for me!  From what I’ve read online, most recipes tend to come with some elaborate story, and while there may be some of that in my writing, my goal is to make cooking these dishes as user friendly as possible.  So don’t expect very specific measurements or timing.  Really cooking for me is all about tasting, as long as it tastes good, you’re on the write path.  I also may or may not have pictures of the cooking process, in the first few pieces, but hopefully as things progress, I’ll update older entries with pictures and videos.  So, look out for more recipes in the future!

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