Starting Something New!


I recognize that it’s been a while since I wrote something.  I apologize, but I have a good reason!  I’ve been getting settled into my new home in Boston.  For those who aren’t in the know, I’m currently about to embark on a one year Masters program to get a Masters in Teaching as well as certification for high school social studies.  I’ve known that I’ve wanted to teach since middle school and I’m finally in the final stretch to becoming a teacher!  Thus, it has definitely been a crazy few weeks as I flew from Taiwan to San Francisco and then after a 17 hour layover, to Boston.  I start my program next week and I’m excited to share how that goes as I continue.

I’m most definitely going to finish the travel series!  Please don’t think that I’ve forgotten about it.  I know everyone is waiting in rapt attention about what’s after Vienna.  I’ll write more about my first week in Boston later on, but first: a picture of my room!


Also, last thing, apparently this is my 20th post!  Who knew that I would really enjoy blogging about my life, traveling, faith and teaching!  I never though so many people would be so interested in my thoughts and I look forward to future milestones!

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