Danube Discoveries: Day 2 (Passing through Prague)

I’m going to point out now, that most of these posts will be backdated, due to the fact that there is spotty wireless service everywhere.  I am doing my best in trying to update about my travels more and more often.  Just know that I will write as much as I can, and that I am taking notes if I’m unable to write immediately.

So on to the real meat of the post, that being the interlude in Prague before the cruise.  We left in the morning on July 31st, from Vienna via train to Prague (Praha).  The train ride took about 4 hours with some stops in between, hitting various towns before we reached Prague.  Within one stop, we had crossed the border into the Czech Republic (Czechia, which is a hilarious name by the way, like seriously.)  The train ride was very pleasant as we had purchased business class seats as we were traveling with my grandfather.  Besides some really awesome seats with plenty of leg room and recline, we also had a food voucher on the train as well as a complimentary bottle of water. Wifi speeds on the train were decent and the food on board was very nice.  I was able to order two items that were very nice and considered “traditional Czech fare”.  What I really liked about traveling by train was the ability to look at and just see the country. Just being able to see mountains and hills in the distance made me feel at ease, as compared to my time in Indiana where it was flat as far as the eye could see. It was really cool to see small villages, little groves and orchards as we passed through.

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Arriving in Prague, we found a taxi to take us across the river to our hotel in the “Little Town”, five minutes away from Charles Bridge. Because of our later arrival, we immediately had lunch at the hotel before heading out to Prague Castle. Unfortunately due to how long it took for us to get there, we ended up purchasing tickets and walking through the castle grounds, only going through the St. Vitus’ cathedral, the main cathedral of the castle, and St. George’s basilica.  Before we returned back to the hotel, we stopped by a cafe that overlooked Prague and had some drinks. Afterwards, we retired back to the hotel and recouped before heading out for dinner right by the river.  We had dinner at Hergetova Cihlena, a really nice restaurant right along the river, very close to the Franz Kafka Museum.   I had a very nice soup and then pork loin for dinner.  After dinner, we went back to the hotel and went straight to bed.

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I’m breaking up the Prague posts because I’m finding them way too long for one person to read.  The next one is a bit more interesting with more parts of Prague to talk about.  Until then!


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