Cool Things in the Last Few Days

It’s cooled down a bit.  Mostly due to the rain and thunder that we’ve been getting on and off in the last few days.  Two night ago, I slept so well due to the lowered temperatures.  It was such a struggle to get out of bed.  Anyways, the other day, I was working in the theater when the school sent out a weather alert.  Now for those not in the know (as I was), storms out here in the Midwest can get terrifying.  In a normal city, there are plenty of buildings and tall skyscrapers to protect you from horrendous downpours and freakish lightning.  Out here, that’s not the case.

A warning is sent out in the event of a large storm brewing in the area, that tends to advise people to get where they need to go or to begin planning on staying in.  If the storm gets closer and/or gets worse, then a weather hold is put in place.  Essentially people are advised to stay and wait the storm out.  This usually occurs when lightning is found to be extremely close to campus.

I was thereby stuck in two conundrums. First, I needed dinner and unfortunately the dining hall closes at 6:30 here and second, it was pouring rain outside. I decided that during a brief break in the rain, I would bike to the nearest restaurant and try and wait it out. After having a glorious meal, I returned outside to find it raining like crazy. Luckily, the nearest lightning occurrence was 7 miles away, and I figured I could make it back to the theater and subsequently wait out the rest of the storm. As luck would have it, I was not struck by lightning.

The other cool thing that has happened was yesterday, when I got the opportunity to take a brief flying lesson in a Cessna 172. One of the cooler benefits that was offered for summer staff, was the opportunity to pay a discounted rate to fly in a single-engine plane and to even have a chance at the controls. Of course I jumped at the opportunity.  One small fact about me: one of the first computer games I played was Microsoft Flight Simulator, so getting to be at the controls of an actual plane was a dream come true.  The experience was amazing to say the least! It was so much fun to actually fly the plane. It’s hard to describe the feeling as it was a combination of being extremely nervous and tense while also having the time of my life.

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​The kids are getting here today and tomorrow. Soon, the real fun will begin! Also, thank you to all those who are “following” my blog! It really means a lot to me that there’s so much support for this! Invite your friends to tag along and join me on this journey!​

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